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Canada has implemented the web-based travel verification systems for the VISA exempt for the foreign national which is known like the eTA (Electronic Travel authorization). The implementation of the program is only one of many initiatives which Canadian government is working for as part of the joint agreement with US to better protect the border they are sharing.

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The US and Canada have embraced the policy designed for improving the security of borders they are sharing as well as additional collaboration that includes sharing of the visa and the immigration information they can gather. An enforcement of eTA is the Canada’s initiative in response to their agreement. The citizens of the required countries are needed to obtain Canada eTA before they fly to Canada

Canadian eTA is more like a digital travel verification system which is in place to many developed countries for example Australia and United States. The Canada eTA confirms the individual’s fitness for traveling to Canada.

The foreign nationals from the visa exempt countries can be affected by Canada eTA system, which is those from the select European nations and also New Australia and Zealand. Because the Canadians aren’t restricted for traveling in the US, it’s likely that the US citizens might enjoy the similar benefit meaning they cannot need the eTA when traveling to Canada. The foreign nationals who applied for the visas when traveling to Canada, will be exempt from Canada ETA as they will have their travel approval being process.

The filing for and betting the Canada eTA can be the electronic, or the web based process. The tourists can visit CIC (Citizenship and the Immigration Canada) website where they can require to supply the personal information for example their birth date and name and probably their fingerprints so as to receive the eTA. An authorization is being generated through the website, being printed out and submitted to an appropriate immigration officers along with all the travel documentation before the depart from Canada.

The key purpose of the Canada eTA is for smoothing the way for the eligible individuals who are traveling to Canada. Because this will be much easier to recognize inadmissible or undesirable parties, foe example those having no fly orders or the criminal records, it can be easier when preventing them from entering the country. The manpower and the funds which are chosen for sending the people back to once they come to be reduced and for a long run, saving the government the potentially crucial resources.